The current villages in Minecraft Xbox 360 aren’t all that great.

NPC Minecraft Xbox 360 Village?

I usually end up tearing mine down and rebuilding them.

So instead of moving your home, move the village to your home.

It is easy, but time consuming, but you will have a feeling of great accomplishment when the new village is built.

Before you start building, pin your villagers in either fenced corrals or two block high areas.

Make sure to not open the doors for villagers in buildings.

Seems at this point, the villager AI isn’t good enough to allow them to operate simple doors or gates unless of course you have pressure plates on them.

Build a new house for a villager can be a normal house, or some kind of shop like a forge, butcher, library, church. then using dirt or sand, build a 2 block high pathway from either where you have a villager penned in or a house that has a villager in it, (make sure you are inside the path) then simply herd the villager to the new house.

When you get all the villagers moved, you can tear down the old village, or even completely remodel it. Your choice.

One trick i use when remodeling a village is to build my new house so that it shares a wall with an old one that contains a villager.

When the new house is completed, cut a hole in the shared wall, herd the villager through the hole, board the hole up, and now you are free to tear down the old house.

But no matter what you decide, in the end, the choice is yours.